Brexit Express – 2017 General Election

During the 2017 General Election Brexit Express offered funding to Conservative Party candidates fighting in Remain constituencies where a member of the Opposition was the current incumbent.

There were 138 opposition-held constituencies which voted Leave.  Brexit Express made funding available to Conservative candidates in each of those constituencies, of up to £5,000 each. 80 such candidates were funded, with the aggregate donation, reported to the Electoral Commission as a donation to the Conservative Party by Mr Jeremy Hosking.

Four MP’s supported by Brexit Express were duly elected and are serving their constituents with distinction. 

  • Ben Bradley - Mansfield
  • Simon Clarke - Middlesbrough & Sout East Cleveland
  • Jack Brereton - Stoke-on-Trent North
  • Eddie Hughes - Walsall North

Brexit Express - 2016 EU Referendum

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