A nationwide billboard advertising campaign from Brexit Express, the pro-Brexit campaign group, kicks off this Monday (Feb 11th) urging the public and politicians to back no deal as the only way to get a good deal from the EU.

The advertising campaign also heralds the first steps towards the creation of a new Brexitpolitical party to be called Brexit Express BE, backing the country’s departure from the EUon Mar 29, and aimed at ensuring that subsequent trade negotiations honour the proposition voted for in 2016, taking back control of money, borders and laws.

Jeremy Hosking, founder of Brexit Express, confirmed that papers have been lodged with the Electoral Commission to form Brexit Express as a political party. “I am happy to confirm papers were submitted to the Electoral Commission on behalf of “Brexit Express BE” thisweek (February 4, 2019) and comments from the Electoral Commission are awaited. The strategies of the new party will be greatly influenced by political events of the next few months, as well as by the actions of others.

“Brexit Express” Hosking adds, “Expects that many new parties will likely be formed in 2019 should it become clear that the main parties are, in fact, Remain-junkies determined to thwart the Brexit which so many of us voted for and, in the case of Labour and the Conservatives, in defiance of their own manifesto promises.”

The £400k digital billboard advertising campaign will kick-off with four creative treatments, which will be constantly up-dated to reflect events. They can be seen at prominent billboard sites across the country from midnight on Sunday 10 Feb 2019, culminating on March 29, the day the UK is scheduled to leave the EU.

Hosking said: “Without No Deal we either cannot leave the EU at all, or can only do so on egregious terms. The truth of the latter is demonstrated by the agreement the so-called negotiations produced, which are little short of a prohibitively expensive national humiliation. In the opinion of BE, it’s time to sing the praises of No Deal, both as an outcome and as a negotiating tactic. This campaign will do this, whilst retaining (hopefully) our sense of humour.”

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For further information contact media@brexitexpress.co.uk

Notes to editors:

Set up in 2016 in the run-up to the referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU, Brexit Express’s aim was simple; to allow people to voice their support for Leave, irrespective of their party-political allegiances. Brexit Express ran a high-profile poster campaign across the UK which proved popular.

In 2017 Brexit Express offered funding to Conservative Party candidates fighting in Remain constituencies where a member of the Opposition was the current incumbent. Four MP’s supported by Brexit Express wereduly elected and are serving their constituents with distinction.

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